We offer two types of Retreat at the Tronsvangen Seter.

1. Open retreat without any program.
2. Retreat with customized program for your specific needs.

In both cases, individuals can use the kitchen for cooking and food storage.


You can participate in several types of courses at Tronsvangen Seter organized by Mt.Tron University of Peace:

1. Yoga for all (Click here for more information)
2. Yoga for the spiritually inclined
3. Tai Chi

These are hourly courses that takes place on weekdays. On weekends, we conduct the "Art of Life" course, which follows these three steps:

1. Learn the body's language
2. Read Your Mind
3. Know Your Self

Individuals participate in all practical activities associated with the course, for example: cooking, seva etc.


SATSANGA (Spiritual discussions on various topics)
Click here for more information
The different topics will be announced on our Facebook page every week.
Free every other Monday night from 20:00 onwards.
Open for all.
Individual sessions with Bjørn Pettersen.
Group Meditation sessions may also be held if required.
The "Silence Room" in the basement is open to all and always open.


At Tronsvangen Seter you can rent rooms for the night or a few days in the same way as any other rentals or hotel, but with the difference that there is no food service here. Visitors can use the kitchen to prepare their own food. They can also use our various halls during their stay.

It is possible to also rent a room for one or more months, or annually, to use at will during the lease period that can act as an alternative to a "mountain cabin".

Otherwise, groups, associations and others can rent the premises and/or halls for their meetings, seminars or other events. The local people can also rent premises for their private functions.